About Same Day Dental

Dr. Charles Cole

A lot of people give me a puzzled look when I tell them I’ve wanted to be a dentist since I was nine years old. After all, introducing yourself as a dentist at a party can be a conversation killer. What many people don’t realize is the difference that’s made in a dentist’s surgery many times over every day. I know from years of watching people walk out of my practice, feeling a million times better than when they walked in, that what happens during the time my patients are with me impacts their lives forever. This is the reason I bounce out of bed every morning.

I am Charles Cole and I’ve made it my mission to understand what really matters to my patients. I listen to what is most important to you and then help you decide the best solution for your dental concerns. We all have busy schedules so I have designed an office that can treat most dental conditions in one day, many times the very same day! No more rescheduling, worries, just get it done and get on with eating, smiling and living.

Our Practice is happy to play a big part of our local community. We participate in community events and offer programs to local schools. One of our greatest joys is the smile makeover program we offer as a free gift to patients who are nominated by fellow patients.